Michael Landau Liquid Quartet

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Michael Landau Benefit

For The Baked Potato


Michael Landau Liquid Quartet

Jimmy Johnson – Bass
Alan Hertz – Drums
David Frazee – Guitar & Vocals
Michael Landau – Guitar & Vocals

Live Stream @ 7:30pm pst.


Pre-Show @ 5:00pm pst with…

Dusty Meadows Band

Dustin Boyer – Guitar And Vocals
Trevor Boyer – Drums And Vocals
Casey Butler – Sax…Keys…Moves
Danny Smith – Bass
Michael Landau – Guitar
Live Stream @ 5:00pm pst.
Two Shows One Benefit Price…
Livestream $20.00
Video On Demand The Following Day $20.00

Livestream Is “Live” Only. Your Donation Includes the Livestream
which will be live only From 5:00pm Until 9:00pm On 8/20/2020.
That Is It. It Is Live…
If You Cannot Watch During That Time Don’t Buy It!
Wait And Watch The On Demand The Next Day for $20.00

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